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May 2018 FC writing prompts: 'Growth', ‘Blooming’ and 'Rivalry'


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Hello and welcome to the Litopia Flash Fiction Club!

The Flash Club is open to all Litopians, it's *fun* first and foremost, so don't get caught up or stressed over it. You don't have to contribute, but if you are new to writing, it's a good place to start and get your toes wet. And if you're an experienced writer, flash writing can be an important part of your regular writing practice.

You can make as many contributions as you like.

At the end of the month, I count out how many 'LIKES' each entry has, and announce this in the Winners' Flash Club thread. From time to time, @AgentPete will also be sending out a book prize to the winner.

Writing prompts for May are: 'Growth', ‘Blooming’ and 'Rivalry'

Thanks to @angrypl, the winner of the April Flash Club, for the prompt 'Rivalry'.

You can use one or more of the prompts to write a piece to include the word or incorporating the theme.

The word limit for this month is 300 words.

Happy writing!

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To get this flash fiction going--as well as my creative juices--here is my entry.

No More Mr Fun-Guy

There was no doubt that Dom was a reprehensible human being. He was sexist, a bore, a penny-pincher and utterly without personal hygiene. He often sniffed all the mucus and phlegm from his nose, only to expectorate it as one large gob of greenish-white onto whatever vertical surface was closest.
‘I don’t care! That dirty slag is not allowed in. You know the rules!’
Norris turned to his fiancee, gesturing apology.
‘Sorry babe. I’ll meet you back at home, yeah?’
The young girl, wearing ripped jeans and a hateful stare, slammed the door shut behind her. Dom then secretly led Norris through a faded-white door. The pair felt the temperature rise a few degrees and they wasted no time in moving along the darkened corridor. More doors were nestled along the filthy walls and each had three industrial locks attached. The sounds of jangling keys bouncing off the walls reminded Norris of the old Scooby-Doo cartoons.
An awful smell tickled at Norris’ nostril hairs. Dom stopped at the third door on the left and unlocked each level of security with a proficiency that only came with practice. Opening the door, the fetid odour washed over them. Small holes in tinted windows allowed light into the room. Norris beamed at the magnificent sight.
Dom whispered reverently, ‘First class ‘shrooms mate. My pride and joy: Supa Envy, sometimes known as Penis Envy,’
Norris almost laughed at the thousands of blooming phalluses growing in the humid room.
‘Now come see the best o’ the best, mate.’
Norris followed again. Another set of locks opened and he was ushered in quickly. Apart from a mushy carpet, it was empty. Dom sniffed heavily and spat. Norris heard a rigid, metallic adjustment.
‘You think I’m an idiot, mate? This isn’t a game…’


Rose and Daisy - A chat across the garden

‘Hey, Daisy!’

‘What? And speak up. I can’t quite hear you down here. This flipping grass is up to my ears.’

‘Does that mean you can’t see anything either?’

‘Not really. Why? What’s happening?’

‘Over there. One of those strange two legged things.’

‘Oh, I hate them. They keep treading on me. Takes me ages to get myself upright again. Worse, sometimes they chop my head off with their noisy machine. At least they keep the grass in check.’

‘Yeah, they’re horrible. They chop my head off too.’

‘Well, that’s because you’re gorgeous, Rose. You need to attract some aphids, or something.’

‘Tried that, but the two-leggers squirted me with poison. Felt sick for days ... Oh crap. Watch out Daisy!’


‘Two-legs. Coming your way.’

‘Oh no. Don’t step on me, don't step on me, don’t .... ouch, damn. Again. Why can’t they watch where they’re going? ... Careful, Rose, two-legs will come for you next. Look sad. Droop your leaves, or something.’

‘Will do ... OK, two-legs is here ... but what’s this ... ohhhh ahhhhh’

‘What’s happening? ... Rose? ... Talk to me.’

‘They’ve poured some food on my roots.’

‘Bloomin’ typical. You get proper food and I get lawn-feed. When will they ever learn that I can’t eat lawn-feed. And all because you’re soooo pretty with your piiiink petals.’

‘Now, now, Daisy, no need for rivalry. You’re pretty too. They make chains from you and hang them around their necks ... Oh, shit. Oh no. Oh, daisy.’

‘Now what?’

‘Two-legs is taking out the noisy machine.’

‘Oh crap. They’re going to cut my head off again. All this growing and re-growing is hard work. Oh well. At least the grass will be shorter. Bye for now, Rose.’

‘Bye, Daisy. See you when you're back in bloom.’
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