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How To Write A Front-Page Feature Article For Litopia

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Capo Famiglia
You may have noticed we have a new front page. The main area, immediately under the masthead, is now very flexible since it allows us to not only highlight shows but also – something new for Litopia – Feature Articles. I’ve already written the first few, just to prove the concept... now it’s over to you!

A Feature will:

  • Be the most visible part of our home page for at least a week
  • Thereafter cascade down the page for quite a while longer
  • Give you, your website or other link (e.g. to your book!) lots of exposure to all our visitors. You’ll get a by-line link right at the top and a credit line or two at the foot, again with a link. Books cover pics can link through to their Amazon page, too.

I’d be delighted to receive Feature ideas/submissions. Here are some guidelines:

  • Length – up to 800 words.
  • Topic – should be of interest / relevance to our visitors, i.e. folk interested in writing or reading.
  • Style – your own! Personally, I tend to be quite opinionated. However, merely stating your opinion on an issue is not nearly as interesting as giving some insight or useful information. Mix it up.
  • Illustrations – at a minimum, a respectable author photo of yourself. But more if possible (all either your own copyright please, or CC licensed) up to 7, all with brief captions.

How to submit – pitch the idea first simply by pinging me a message, and we’ll take it from there!
Not open for further replies.