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This is the first page from A Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning, by Hallgrimur Helgason about a hitman who has to come to terms with his bloody past. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it ... Who can resist a book with such a title. :)

My mother named me Tomislav and my father was a Bokšić. After my first week in the US, I’d become Tom Boksic. Which then led to Toxic.
The thing I am today.
I often wonder if it was me who poisoned my name or the name who poisoned me. Anyway, I bring danger. At least, that’s what Munita says. She’s addicted to danger. My darling explosive. She was living in Peru until her family got killed in a terrorist bombing. Then she moved to New York and found a job on Wall Street. Her first day of work was 9/11. Our first trip to Croatia together she witnessed two killings. I have to admit that one of them was executed by myself, but the other one was totally accidental. I thought it was a quite romantic scene, actually. We were having dinner in Mirko’s restaurant when the guy sitting at the table next to us got a bullet through his brain. Some of his blood jumped into Munita’s glass of wine. I didn’t tell her. She was having red anyway.
She’s not crazy about violence, she says, but I still think she’s drawn to me because of my toxic nature.
I'm a little in love with this. I've never heard of this book ... but there are lots I haven't heard of and me not having heard of it ... isn't a comment on how popular it is or good or any of that. I hope I don't accidentally steal it.