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Seminar DEVELOP YOUR VOICE Part Two: Finding Your Voice - This Sunday!


Capo Famiglia
The second part of our DEVELOP YOUR VOICE series of seminars happens this Sunday, 25th March.

Essentially, this is going to be quite a short seminar (probably less than an hour) with at least the same amount of time devoted to live Q&A. There is nothing you need to prepare this time.

It’s all taking place on Litopia’s Discord server, via audio and text. No video this time. If you haven’t used Discord before, here is how to set it up. And you also have access to the altogether wonderful Chase’s Technical Questionnairium for any hand-holding… so there's no excuse!

The seminar will be available afterwards as a recording, but really you’ll benefit more from being there live – and from taking part in the Q&A. So do try to be there if you can!

NB… the clocks go forward in Britain on the same day. The seminar kicks off at 6pm UK time, which will be 1pm New York, 10am Los Angeles and 4am Monday in Sydney Australia. Times at other locations can be checked here.