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December Meeting


Active Member
Hey Pete, I tried watching yesterday's recording, but at about 1: 12 -ish it cuts out. It stopped at the point where you talk about the synopsis. Your last words are 'I would establish...' (which, may I say, is a jolly nice cliffhanger :)) I tried refreshing the page but it cuts out at the same point. I would very much like to hear again what you would establish. I couldn't make notes yesterday (cat on lap while struggling to type in the chat room) so today I was poised with my pen and notepad. Any ideas of how I can get this to work?


Respected Member
Barbara, I just popped in to listen again to Pete and Peggy on 'voice' and had no trouble hearing that last third or so of the video. I hope you can sort out whatever the problem is.


Active Member
Thanks Mary. I already had trouble yesterday while I was listening live. I must have audio gremlins. I'll try swapping browser.