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August 2017 - Flash Club prompts: 'Tranquillity' and 'Saffron'

Discussion in 'Flash Club' started by Sea-shore, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Sea-shore

    Sea-shore Moderator Staff Member

    152 (0 Banked)
    Hello fellow writers!

    Hope you are all having a relaxing summer if you are in the Northern hemisphere, and pleasant winter, if in the Southern.

    This post is a little late as I have just come back from the Cotswolds (Cirencester) where the internet is as slow as the pace of life should be whilst on holiday. :D

    Thanks to the July Flash Club contributors: @Lawal, @Arlene Adamo, @David Newrick, @Patricia D and @Sea-shore! Would you all like to give a prompt for August?

    I will give the first prompt of: ‘Tranquillity’. Thank you to @Patricia D for your prompt of 'Saffron'.

    Maximum word count at 100, please.

    The Flash Club is open to all Litopians, it's *fun* first and foremost, so don't get caught up or stressed over it. You don't have to contribute, but if you are new to writing, it's a good place to start and get your toes wet. And if you're an experienced writer, flash writing can be an important part of your regular writing practice.

    You can make as many contributions as you like.

    There are no winners or losers! From time to time, some entries will be chosen to appear on the main Litopia site. So make your entries interesting, challenging - perhaps highlighting a specific writing technique?

    Remember, the Litopian code of conduct takes precedence in all situations.

    Have fun!
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2017
  2. Peggy Lou

    Peggy Lou Well-Known Member

    78 (0 Banked)
    Not been around for a while due to work, work and still more work. Will wait to see what the other prompts are. Can't remember what tranquil felt like.
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  3. Patricia D

    Patricia D Venerated Member

    232 (0 Banked)
    My prompt is Saffron. How does this work? If we all suggest one, do writers choose one? try to incorporate as many as possible?
  4. Sea-shore

    Sea-shore Moderator Staff Member

    152 (0 Banked)
    Yes, writers can chose which ever prompt(s) they wish to work with.
  5. MaryA

    MaryA Member

    45 (0 Banked)
    Let me make a first attempt. 100 words on the dot.

    Saffron by MaryA

    Admire my crimson stigma. Come closer and you’ll smell hay, grassy but dry. Yesterday we found a field strewn with crocus petals. You munched a sandwich and talked about digging up Bronze Age Crete.

    ‘Why destroy a field of flowers for a scant handful of saffron?’ I asked. Naïve.

    ‘Yellow’s my lucky colour,’ you said. ‘One thread will guide us through the labyrinth.’

    You told me to take off my skirt so the fabric wouldn’t stain. Like any crocus I bloom at dawn, suffer, then wither. Moisture brightens the stamen to gold, just briefly.
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  6. Kitty

    Kitty Respected Member

    221 (0 Banked)

    Tranquillity Base. Grey dust stretching to meet the blackest of skies, pinpricked with stars. I should be filled with wonder, but all I feel is fear. The abyss waiting, pressing down. Crushing the joy.

    This is where the first men set foot on the moon. Here we will be the first to die.

    My comrades are already gone, their bodies shattered along with the remains of our lander. Somehow I survived the crash.

    The Earth is rising, a hanging jewel. Such beauty as the shadows close.

    Remorse. Sorrow for those I will never see again.

    And now.

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  7. Sea-shore

    Sea-shore Moderator Staff Member

    152 (0 Banked)
    The Dream

    Tranquil is the night,
    Deep is the sleep,
    Until the early hours,
    When still silence hangs,
    A small seed, a bud,
    Of dreams unfolds and blooms,
    In your heart.

    All you wish, all you hope,
    Swirl and dance around you.
    You revel and play,
    Sing for joy and weep.
    This is a life worth living…

    Then, the break of day,
    Burst the sun’s first rays,
    Your eyelids lift,
    The dream is lost,
    Tranquility shattered.

    You rise,
    You know,
    Now the hard work must start,
    To make your deepest, dearest dreams come true,
    This is the life worth living.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
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  8. mpotter55

    mpotter55 Fledgling - be nice to me!

    10 (0 Banked)
    From underneath, the stairs appeared sloppy. I smiled at the shortcuts the construction crew took when appearance wasn't necessary. Tucking myself deeper in the corner, I examined the poor alignment of the assembly. It was a wonder it didn't collapse at the first application of weight. Sloppiness - just like my life. Closing my eyes, I let it disappear. My mistakes, their mistakes, the disaster the world had become. My mind floated in a sea of bliss, tranquility for the last time.

    “Mr. Bellows, we wish to end this peacefully!”

    My eyes opened, and I raised my gun. One last mistake.
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  9. Robert Boscott

    Robert Boscott Fledgling - be nice to me!

    21 (0 Banked)
    I was a footballer’s pen! I lived amongst the multi-coloured rhyming men, in Waynes, Shanes and Duanes world. My husky, tattooed master would use me like a chisel signing programmes with a flourish. This made him feel even taller than his avid fans who he could not converse with.

    Then one day, his mum “borrowed” me. Now my world is crosswords, sudoku and living in the designer handbag he bought her. I lie with Rennies, boiled sweets and her special photo of Paul Jones from Manfred Man. Like a old shire horse bereft of dray I am now Tran “quill”.
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  10. MaryA

    MaryA Member

    45 (0 Banked)
    Saffron II

    She left her husband, the mean oligarch with his straw forelock. She hid out in her sister’s basement. One oblong of window, a blind the colour of saffron. She sat on the narrow bed and looked at walls, dim corners, desk and chair, padlocked door. Safety. She trusted the yellow blind: shadows moved like waterfalls, leaves, birds in flight. The oligarch sent drones to hover, monitor her every move. She stayed out of sight. Bliss to know he could see only drone’s-eye views, a pixel blizzard of data itemizing the length, breadth, warp and weft of saffron.
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  11. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

    Katie-Ellen Hazeldine Venerated Member Founding Member

    599 (0 Banked)
    Kashmiri gold
    Zen and zephyr
    Silk- imbuing
    Croci spice
    Imperial of old.
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  12. Carol Rose

    Carol Rose Venerated Member Founding Member

    6 (330 Banked)
    "I'm just wild about Saffron..."

    "Quit singing that damn song or I'll flush your iPod down the toilet."

    "I love it. And true love lasts a lifetime."

    "Quoting movie lines. Fabulous. Much better."

    "You're just pissed off because—"

    "Quiet! I hear something." A thin beam of light from the streetlamp caught the beads of sweat on my cohort's forehead. My pulse raced as I strained to hear whatever had caught his attention, but the only sound I detected was the wind.

    "He's here. Tranquility." The dread on his face sent fear racing through me. "Time to pay the piper."
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