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April 2018 FC writing prompts: 'Flesh', 'Prank' and 'Chocolate'


aka Anne Chen
Staff member
Hello and Happy Easter to you all! Also happy April Fools Day! :p
Welcome to all the new members of Litopia and hope you'll join in with the fun and games.

The Flash Club is open to all Litopians, it's *fun* first and foremost, so don't get caught up or stressed over it. You don't have to contribute, but if you are new to writing, it's a good place to start and get your toes wet. And if you're an experienced writer, flash writing can be an important part of your regular writing practice.

You can make as many contributions as you like.

At the end of the month, I count out how many 'LIKES' each entry has, and announce this in the Winners' Flash Club thread. From time to time, @AgentPete will also be sending out a book prize to the winner.

Writing prompt for April is: 'Prank', 'Chocolate' (as it's 1st April and Easter Sunday) and @Rich. has given the prompt 'Flesh'. You can use one or more of the prompts to write a piece to include the word or incorporating the theme.

The word limit is 50 words, this month.

Happy writing!

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I wondered the same.

I'd like to suggest: Flesh

That's a good word. Pank is actually a word ... can't decide if I like it or not ... I'm waiting to see if it grows on me. Maybe if I heard a UK person on TV use it in a sentence or something like that ...

Pank is also literary magazine ... they claim they're THE riskiest literary magazine on the scene .... Pank


aka Anne Chen
Staff member
Yes, LOL. Agent Pete is always saying we need more information in less words and it has been done before!
But I am open to suggestions. Do you think we need a higher word count?
Nope. Done.

The large cauldron bubbled.
“Well, this isn’t the way I wanted to be spending my Easter either.”
“Shut up!”
“Yes, dear.”
The newlyweds continued their tiff.
“This is your fault!”
“I know, dear.”
“A prank?”
“Sorry dear…”
Their Tribal captors continued to gorge on previously-prepared flesh like chocolate delicacies.



He journeyed to the end, to where Earth’s bleeding edge crumbled into the void, to where liminal mud clung to ancient, star-blasted rocks, to gather fabled witch-herb redolent of the princess’s evening face pack, knowing full well it would stain her face blue – the queen did like a joke.
@Rich. Another winner.

Chase Gamwell

Staff member
Navigator (50 words)

The body was a container for a mind: more fragile than silicone, yet more malleable for it. And far more capable of computing a course between stars. It looked human, but wasn’t. It breathed, and had a heartbeat, but there was no one inside. Still, none bemoaned the cursed miracle.


Staff member

‘Shh! Eat your chocolate!’
‘Daddy says chocolate is—’
‘Your father says a lot of things. Chocolate is a treat. You said you wanted a treat.’
‘Don’t tell me you don't like chocolate.’
‘When is Daddy coming?’
‘Please, I have to finish this.’
‘Shh! Chocolate is a treat!’
A Mortician's Treat

“Continuing autopsy of John Doe: 40’s; murder victim.”
Patria unfolded the flaps of skin, removed the ribcage again to reveal the internal organs.
“Note: ribcage showing fractu—Holy fucking shit!”
Patria turned to see Jane waving.
“Did you?”
“Replace the heart with an easter egg?”
“Good one!”