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Welcome from founder Peter Cox

Please allow me to be the first person to welcome you to Litopia Writers' Colony - the net's oldest, best and nicest community for writers.

The Colony has a unique atmosphere that some describe as "collegiate". While are the oldest organization of our type on the 'net, we are far from the biggest. Being small in internet terms means that things here feel very personal.

We are, quite simply, an authentic community of writers, where writers' interests always come first.

Litopians are a remarkably friendly bunch. You'll notice that other members will take a keen interest in your progress as a writer. They will greet you, discuss their own writing process, and generally want to compare their experience of writing with yours. At the heart of our ethos is the idea of mutal self-help and support.

This is not a community where you can simply lie back and be a consumer! If you don't get involved, you won't get anything out of your time here. Conversely, if you do, then your experience here will be rich and permanently rewarding.

As you can see from our main discussion area, Café Life, Litopians love to talk and discuss things. Participation is not compulsory... but good manners are. The more incendiary the topic, the more important it is to obey our Prime Directive: be nice to each other!

If you can't - or don't want to - express yourself without giving offense or becoming ad hominen in your remarks, then I urge you not to join. The 'net is choc-a-bloc with websites where the rabid can hurl invective. Litopia is not one of those places.

Even though you are currently not a member, you are able to read (but not comment on) a small selection of the discussions in Café Life. I suggest you spend a few minutes doing just that, and then decide whether Litopia might be an appropriate place for your writing home on the 'net.

I hope you choose to join us!

With all my kindest wishes,

Peter Cox

(AKA AgentPete in the Colony)