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Stranger'er Things-Story Ideas

Anything you run across that seems like a good story idea. A cool hat that embodies a character. A Photo. A news clipping. A bit of history. Anything you want to share and talk about because it hit a writerly nerve.

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Pamela Jo
You're writing this lad's story as fiction. What's the first sentence?

During the disaster of the S.S. Eastland in 1915, teenaged youth Charles “Reggie” Bowles, 18 years old, arrived and began to help recover bodies by swimming into and out of the Chicago River repeatedly, recovering 37 bodies in the process. He was eventually arrested by Chicago police, not because he had done anything wrong, but as a desperate move to get the exhausted boy to stop and rest. This photo was taken shortly after his arrival at the station by interested journalists, perhaps capturing some of the fresh horrors he had seen in the expression of his eyes.
He declared to them that he had “found a woman with her baby in her arms, a man with his hands raised in prayer, and a boy with his fingers gripped between his teeth—all dead.”
844 passengers died within 20 feet of the Chicago pier.



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